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The PLDT Employees Credit Cooperative (PECCI) is an organization of synergizing members and is driven by the desire to improve the members' quality of life through the provision of financial, consumer and capability enhancement services that are responsive, reliable and strategic. PECCI also exists to contribute to the development of the Philippine society by implementing socially responsible programs.


The PLDT Employees Credit Cooperative (PECCI) envisions itself as an organization of financially secured and patronizing members and one that continous to grow in membership as it establishes itself as a stable and dependable source of the highest available value in responding to the financial, consumer and capability enhancement needs of its members. PECCI aims to be recognized in the country's cooperatives sector as a model organization in terms of social responsibility initiatives.




On December 5, 1958, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and other documents necessary for registration earlier filed by fifteen (15) incorporators with the Cooperative Administration Office was formally approved with the name of FREE TELEPHONE WORKERS COOPERATIVE CREDIT UNION (FTWCCU). Since the members were still trying to build-up capital for its operation, circumstances necessitated a change of its name from FTWCCU to the PLDT Employees Cooperative Credit Association (PECCA) to be more responsive in its service to the employees. Then the President of the Phillipines, inked on April 14, 1973, P.D. 175, strengthening the cooperative movement. A massive Education Program for the cooperative was launched. PECCA being then one of the ten (10) largest cooperatives designed a program wherein all PECCA members undertook an Education Seminar. The year 1975 was the start of our stupendous growth in capitalization, membership and benefits. It was also the year the general assembly approved the change of our cooperative name from PECCA to PLDT EMPLOYEES CREDIT COOPERATIVE, INC. (PECCI) to conform with LOI No. 23 and to have flexibility in its operations for maximization of the benefits to be given to the general membership. Since 1977 to the present, we are pleased to state that PECCI is the number one (1) primary cooperative in the Philippine in terms of Assets and is also involved personally and logistically in the cooperative movement in the secondary and tertiary level. Related Topics...About Us